Committees’ member summary of Graham Goring CQP MCQI FIIOM:

Technology and Obsolescence Management:

BSI Chair DS1/2 Obsolescence Management (OM). UK national committee for IEC TC56 WG3 MT20 OM Convenor.

IECQ WG15 Obsolescence Management – Chair (Industry Specialists and Expert).  IECQ AUF Moderator TF2 Convenor – Definitions.

Member of BSS; BSI EPL47; EPL48; GEL107; SAE APMC (including STD0016A DMSMS committee).

IEC TC107 WG1, 2, 4, 5; IECQ WG4. Member of JOMWG. IIOM PSMC (Professional Standards & Membership Committee).

FIIOM Fellow of the Interational Institue of Obsolescence Management, Currently IIOM HoSA (Head of international Standards & Accreditation).

Counterfeit Avoidance:

IECQ AUF TF6 Convenor; Member of CAWG; BSI GEL107, IEC TC107 WG3, IECQ WG6

SAE G19 (was G19CI, G19C and G19T).

Committees explained:

Below is the details of the current list of Standards Bodies and Committees currently a member/leader.

ADHP Avionics, Defence and High Performance

AUF Avionics User Group – Member

BSI – British Standards Institution

BSS – British Standards Society/Users Group (OC/034/07 Electronic Standards Group, member from 1988 now disbanded)

CA – Counterfeit Avoidance

CAWG Counterfeit Avoidance Working Group; Joint UK MoD and Industry Working Group (Founding Member)

COG Components Obsolescence Group; now IIOM (member since 1998) Chair of the Publications and Standards Group of COG responsible for the COG Guidance Booklets, Minefield series.

CECC CAUG now CENELEC TC107x which is dormant replaced by IEC TC107 in 2000. (Member of CAUG from 1997)

CQP MCQI Chartered Quality Professional, Member of the Chartered Quality Institute (Member of CQI from 1984)

BSI DS/1 – Dependability, Technical Committee 1. Mirror UK NC to IEC TC56 – Member.

BSI DS/1/2 – DS/1/Technical sub-committee 2. Obsolescence Management – Chair and founding member.

BSI EPL47 Semiconductors. Mirror UK NC to IEC TC47.

BSI EPL48 Electromechanical components and mechanical structures for electronic equipment. Mirror UK NC to IEC TC48.

BSI GEL107 – Processes management for avionics. Mirror UK NC to IEC TC107 – Member

CQP – Chartered Quality Practitioner (see MCQI below)

DMSMS – Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages – US DoD term for OM

ECMP Electronic Components Management Plan

FIIOM Fellow of the institute (see IIOM below)

IAQG International Aerospace Quality Group ( – soon to publish as ‘IA’ with SAE).

IEC – International Electrotechnical Commission;

IEC TC56 – IEC Technical Committee 56 – Dependability;

IEC TC56 MT20 – Maintenance of IEC 62402. (Obsolescence Management); Convenor and founding member.

IEC TC56 MT20 reports to IEC TC56 WG3 – Member.

Revison Report for IEC62402:Ed2 into parts. New work started 23/11/2022 ref: 56/1958/RR (10/JUN/2022).

IEC TC107 IEC Technical Committee Processes management for avionics; – Founding member.

IEC TC107 WG2 Components, WG3 CA, WG4 Radiation & WG5 ECMP, Members

IECQ – International Electrotechnical Commission Quality Assessment System;

IECQ AUF TF2 Harmonisation of Standards Technical Forum – Terminology Topic – Convenor

IECQ AUF TF6 Counterfeit Avoidance and Obsolescence Management Technical Forum – Convenor

IECQ WG4 IECQ ADHP ECMP Working Group – Member

IECQ WG6 IECQ Counterfeit Avoidance Working Group – Member

IECQ WG15 IECQ Obsolescence Management Working Group – Convenor and founding member.

IIOM International Institute of Obsolescence Management; (was COG, member since 1998) FIIOM

IIOM Professional Standards and Membership Committee (PSMC) member as IIOM Head of Standards & Accreditation.

ISO International Standards Organisation,

JOMWG Joint Obsolescence Management Working Group; Joint UK MoD and Industry Working Group (Founding Member)

MCQI Member of Charted Quality Institute

MT20 Maintenance Team 20; has a Convenor and members. A MT needs a TC prefix (& WG) to identify which TC it reports to. IEC TC56 WG3 MT20.

NC – National Committee

OM Obsolescence Management

SAE International was Society of Automotive Engineers, USA;

SAE APMC, Aerospace Process Management Committee (TC) – Member

SAE G19 Counterfeit Electronic Parts Technical Committee

SAE G19CI Continuous Improvement Committee (WG to G19 TC) – Member

SAE G19C Standards Compliance Verification (WG to G19 TC) – Member

SAE G19T Terms and Definitions (WG to G19 and G21 TCs) – Founding Member and Chair from 2012 -2015.

SAE G21 Counterfeit Materiel Technical Committee

TC – Technical Committee; has a Chair, secretary and members

TF – Technical Forum; has a Convenor and members

WG – Working Group; has a Chair, secretary and members. A WG needs a TC prefix to identify which TC it reports to.